Mapei Mapegrout Rapido Fast Set Repair Mortar

Controlled-shrinkage, fibre-reinforced mortar, with rapid setting and hardening for the repair of concrete.

  • Use Mapegrout Fast-Set to repair damaged concrete surfaces such as balconies and the edges of beams and columns.
  • Is composed of special hydraulic binders, selected aggregate, special additives and synthetic fibres, and is prepared by mixing a 25 kg bag with 3.5-3.75 litres of water.
  • Must be applied within 10 minutes of preparation, by trowel onto a clean solid substrate, which has been previously soaked with water. Apply up to a maximum thickness of 20-25 mm per layer.
  • Set within 30-40 minutes at 20°C and is ready for use within a few hours after application.